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BCS 2.0" Double Lock Standing Seam Panels


Panel Information:

Panel Type: Standing Seam Panels
Panel Seam: Mechanical
Panel Width: 18”
Seam Height: 2.0”
Panel Material: 22 GA - 24 GA Min
Panel Surface: Smooth / Embossed Optional
Panel Clip: Required Per Engineering
Minimum Slope: .5/12
Substrate: Open Framing, Plywood, B-Deck, B-Deck w/ISO

Panel Testing:

Uplift Resistance: ASTM E1592, UL 580, UL 1897, UL 90
Air Infiltration: ASTM E 1680
Water Penetration: ASTM E 1646
Water Submersion: ASTM E 2140
Foot Traffic: FM 4471
Hail Rating: Class 4 Impact UL 2218
Fire Rating: UL Class A
Texas Dept of Insurance Approval: RC-383, RC-384, RC-385, RC-390
FBC Non-HVHZ Approval: FL18316

Panel Notes:

  • With this 24 GA, 18” wide panel engineering, you may opt to use heavier gauge coil and narrower width panels. Clip spacing will not change.
  • For slopes lower than a 2/12 roof pitch, install sealant per ASTM E 2140.
  • This panel uses a 24” coil. Maximum width coil of 24”.
  • This panel uses 5-13/16” of material to form the panel.
  • If you take the square footage of the roof and multiply that by 1.34, the total will be the amount of coil needed to manufacture the panels.
  • This panel is approved for Weathertight Warranties.

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